Miss Poppycock is a 26 year old school teacher with a desperate lust for lust.

Sadly, she remains a virgin and is still dreaming of Monsieur Right.

If only she can get married and have her proverbial cherry popped, she may also finally indulge her desire to visit the world’s most famous erection - the Eiffel Tower.

Virginia is dutifully saving herself for that special marital moment yet longs for a foreign passion and all the foreign objects that come with it.

Enter Dick – better known as the dastardly Sir Richard Scrotumsberry the Third with a penchant for sniffing up petticoats and misting up his monocle.

If only she can resist his creepy courtship and dirty skirt ascending charms – then she may just keep her womanhood intact for the mounted prince of her sordid dreams.


The Sexual Awakening of Virginia Poppycock!