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Comedian & Storyteller Elena Gabrielle is back with her new show "Addickted".

After a sold out tour across Europe & Canada in 2021 with her solo show "Dirrty 2.0", Elena is back to entertain you all with her layered and unbelievable true stories.

We all have addictions, sometimes harmless, sometimes illegal, sometimes just plain weird... and yes we are talking about grown adults eating dry wall.

Expect more hilarious stories, live music and of course a new pair of her iconic sparkly shoes.
Not sure what to expect, watch one of Elena's stories on Youtube: 


September 28th

Berlin, Germany - ADDICKTED

September 29th

Budapest, Hungary - ADDICKTED

September 30th

Budapest, Hungary - ADDICKTED

October 1st

Vienna, Austria - ADDICKTED

October 4th

The Hague, Netherlands - ADDICKTED

October 5th

Amsterdam, Netherlands - ADDICKTED

October 6th

Rotterdam, Netherlands - ADDICKTED

October 8th

London, England - ADDICKTED

October 13th

Porto, Portugal - ADDICKTED

October 14th

Lisbon, Portugal - ADDICKTED

October 15th

Barcelona, Spain - ADDICKTED

October 18th

Stuttgart, Germany - ADDICKTED

October 19th

Munich, Germany - ADDICKTED

October 20th

Frankfurt, Germany - ADDICKTED

October 21st

Zurich, Switzerland - ADDICKTED

October 22nd

Geneva, Switzerland - ADDICKTED

October 23rd

Basel, Switzerland - ADDICKTED

October 24th/25th

Galway, Ireland - Galway Comedy Festival


Nov 4th & 5th



Nov 8th

Geelong, Australia

Nov 10th

Brisbane, Australia

Nov 12th

Sydney, Australia

Nov 24th

Melbourne, Australia

Nov 25th

Melbourne, Australia

Nov 25th

Adelaide, Australia

Nov 30th

Canberra, Australia

Dec 1st

Darwin, Australia

Dec 3rd

Perth, Australia

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