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Elena Gabrielle’s satirical look on modern relationships teamed with her uproarious musicality has seen her steal the show from Canada to South Africa.


This Australian born European based comedian appeals to sold out audiences across the globe with her witty, no-holds barred approach to stand-up comedy and because of this, has seen her go viral with 25 million plus views on YouTube to date.


Her embarrassing date stories are delivered in an intuitive storytelling style which cuts through cultural divides and is enjoyed globally. After touring non-stop for 3 years with 'Story Party Tour' (which saw her perform over 800 shows in that time and in 65 countries) Elena is now embarking on her first worldwide solo tour with her show “Dirrty”. Her talents were also seen opening for the US comedian Iliza Schlesinger in Switzerland in 2021.

Multi-talented, she is trained in Musical Theatre at Australia’s prestigious and premier acting University NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) and her other love is to perform cabaret. Elena’s singing range is also impressive; from opera to rap, she weaves her passion for song into her comedy act with musical imitations from Celine Dion to Lady Gaga. She performed in ‘The Shuffle Show’, an epic musical adventure of 1000 songs in 1 hour which sold out shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and went on to appear on TEDx.

Elena also holds a Guinness world record for producing and performing in Burleskathon, 24 hours of continuous Burlesque. 

Elena’s tongue-in-cheek and relatable comedy repertoire blended with her sublime singing voice and risqué performances have worldwide audiences side-creased, exhilarated, and thoroughly entertained.

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